Friday, January 29, 2016

African smallholder farmers miss out on 'improved crop varieties' through informal seed markets

Busani Bafana

Farmers asked to move from saved seeds to boost yield

TSHOLOTSHO, Zimbabwe (PAMACCNews)  - Another drought is sweeping across Zimbabwe triggering food and water desperation. But maize and cattle farmer, Sophie Sibanda (63),  is still hopeful for miracle rains to save her cattle at least but not her sun-scorched crop.

"I will not get anything" Sibanda says of the uneven mottle maize crop that she planted more out of habit than careful planning. Most farmers in the Southern part of the country have not planted this season owing to a drought, induced by the El Nino phenomenon already underway. An El Nino event occurs when the surface waters of the Pacific Ocean warm, changing global rain patterns.